Transworks provides an automated flow of informationto and from Shippers and their Carriers, despite many technology limitations. TransWorks hosts our customers’single point of integration between their enterprise system(s) and their carrier base, across multiple, disparate systems and various levels of technical capabilities.

Our Supply Chain Execution/Transportation Management System (SCE/TMS) provides your carriers and their dispatchers &/or drivers multiple communication paths and notification options.

TransWorks' Business Intelligence/Reporting provides objective Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that help provide greater visibility into carrier and employee effectiveness. Measures are based on individual metrics... things like cost, service reliability and market coverage to significantly enhance transportation management capabilities. BI is included – there are NO additional implementation, setup or support costs.

TransWorks’ KPI Business Intelligence/Reporting tool offers multiple paths to your data …

  • Flexible web/reporting mechanisms:
  • Ad-hoc views
  • Existing pre-defined reports on demand that can be used as-is or as a basis to   create customized reports for your business
  • Dashboards to highlight KPI metrics
  • Multiple delivery options and flexible formats:
  • Reports can be stored,   delivered via web browser,   e-mail &/or printed
  • PDF, Excel, CSV, DOC, RTF, Flash, 
  • Scheduling options: on demand, hourly, daily, weekly, etc.
  • Standard Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports examples:
  • Carrier Scorecard & Service Reports used for tactical discussions and strategic reviews 
  • Tendering Compliance/Responsiveness (Accept, Reject, No response) by Tendering Method, Carrier, Lane, etc.
  • Appointment Compliance Performance detailing On-Time Pick-up and Delivery measurements against multiple standards (i.e. planned, actual and appointed date/times)
  • Financial Reports used to aid in analyzing market conditions as they evolve
  • Freight Volume & Spend Analysis reports by Plant, Mill, DC, Market, Lane, Carrier, Location, Equipment, Commodity, etc.
  • Rate Management reports of active &/or expired rates