TransWorks is a team of truck, intermodal, rail and technology industry pioneers that joined together and began operations
in 2001.


Guided by innovation from day one, TransWorks began leveraging what is now known as Cloud/SaaS/On-Demand technologies to deliver end-to-end Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions by focusing on helping our customers automate transportation processes. We strive to deliver value by working alongside our customers to understand their existing processes and key performance indicators. We then offer ideas, alternatives and methodologies geared toward significantly increasing their efficiency and effectiveness; ably delivering tools to execute, measure, and monitor their businesses.


Transportation Management System and Supply Chain ExecutionTransWorks features the most sophisticated and advanced TMS/SCE platform on the market for companies managing inbound/outbound transportation services. Our extensive experience in automating complex transportation processes provides the foundation for success. Many companies desire to manage their transportation transactions more efficiently, and TransWorks provides the tools needed to ensure that transportation plans are executed as designed. When plans are configured using TransWorks’ unrivaled rules execution mapping technology, transportation transactions are executed as designed. Exception management technology ensures that problems are identified and resolved based on the plan, ensuring customer satisfaction. When plans are executed as designed, staggering results are achieved and a second definition is quickly defined for ROI (Rapid Operational Improvement). Our unparalleled execution capabilities deliver the results that transportation professionals desire. Leveraging technology to design and automate your plan, and streamlining communications with your carrier base, allows them to become an extension of the organization.


Intermodal and DrayageTransWorks also provides the most comprehensive platform available for Intermodal/Drayage Transportation Management solutions for Transportation Service Providers. The sophistication of our tools eliminates the manual processing associated with Intermodal/Drayage operations and simplifies and automates these tasks. If you are considering Intermodal for linehaul, TransWorks has the tools to get the job done efficiently. Our dispatch tools have been independently evaluated as the most productive solution in the marketplace. We integrate with your financial systems, as well as with your existing highway/brokerage solution, via automated electronic interfaces. And we offer standard integration to many industry services providers; such as, PC-Miler, Comdata, Qualcomm, and more. TransWorks also provides a service to directly integrate with your customers and service providers via EDI/XML, web and mobile technologies. Superior tools combined with no capital investment create the path to long-term profitable growth. Our solution provides the platform to step away from existing limited solutions and leap forward to automated intermodal and drayage technologies.


TransWorks develops industry solutions, then delivers those solutions using a transaction-based model that does not require capital investment. Our customers enjoy the best solutions available to ensure a rapid return on investment. TransWorks also offers custom development of transportation industry related software and provides transportation related process consulting. Our company has demonstrated consistent growth since our inception in 2001. We constantly reinvest to foster innovation and to find new ways to automate transportation processes. TransWorks is a company that strives to treat customers and employees with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and respect. Our goal is to provide solutions that are highly efficient and intuitive at the same time. We work behind the scenes to provide the processes and technologies which are required to simplify and automate transportation processes.


The TransWorks management team consists of industry experts with an average of eighteen years of transportation experience. Our technology professionals average over twelve years of experience managing and hosting enterprise technologies. Over the past two decades our processes and solutions have progressed through four distinct generations, each building on the qualities and capabilities of its predecessor.